Enterprise Licensing Experts


Reducing cost and ensuring compliance. At PLAN{X}  that’s what we’re all about. With our consultants’ years of experience in the Software Licensing domain, not only are we an authority on software vendors and their licensing practices, we also know the region, rules, culture and priorities first hand.


We help you make the most of your software assets


Licensing Advisory & Optimization

As independent consultants with no affiliation to any vendor; we know it isn’t just about how much you pay – it’s about maximizing the utilization of your existing assets and procuring exactly what you need. We work with you to help distribute licenses for optimal use, review annual true ups and project licenses to ensure BOQs are in line with your technology and compliance needs.

Asset Management Process Audit & Consulting

According to industry analysts, organizations with solid software asset management practices are much less likely to face and LCC Audit or SAM. Without robust, ongoing processes and technology operated by skilled people, it’s very easy to fall out of compliance. We assess your SAM readiness and produce results and recommendations that are actionable and easy to implement.


Software Asset Management As A Service

Expectations are on the rise – headcount and budgets are down. While critical, few IT departments have the resources to build a dedicated configuration or asset management team. As these important initiatives get assigned to already overloaded staff, balls begin to drop and compliance risks and costs begin to rise. Through a repeatable, predictable and planned series of engagements we help ensure you remain compliant, manage costs effectively and make the most out of your software licensing agreements.


Audit and SAM Defense

From the day you receive a notice, ensuring proper management of every step of a SAM and LCC audits is must. With years of experience in the field we support your team with response management, vendor management, software inventory, license discovery and entitlement, remediation all the way to vendor negotiation.

Contract Negotiation Support

Software vendors’ contracts are long and complex to negotiate. Without a solid understanding of contract structure, pricing methodology, licensing metrics, use rights and entitlements it is very easy to overpay.